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Printing Photo On T Shirt At Home – Here’s What You Need

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To print your photo on a t-shirt, a process that is also called t-shirt transfer you will need a suitable transfer printable paper, a working printer and either an iron of 1600watts or higher or a heat press machine. No previous experience is required and the process can easily be achieved at home.

T-Shirt Iron On Transfer Paper

At Photo Paper Direct, we offer two different types of iron on transfer paper for Inkjet printers. The first is the light transfer which is designed for white t-shirt only and dark transfer paper which is designed for any colour t-shirt including black, colourful and even white t-shirts. Choose one of the two depending on the base color of your clothing. If you are unsure which of the two is suitable, opt for the dark transfer, as it’s the safest option. Each type is available in letter size 8.5x11” and 11x17”.

Your Printer

The PPD range works with any make or mode of Inkjet printers using your day-to-day normal inks. In terms of printer settings, set the paper type on your printer to Matte Paper, High Resolution Paper, Plain Paper or similar and ensure you choose the required resolution (Normal). If you are printing on the light transfer paper, you will need to print the image on the transfer sheet in mirror mode. This step isn’t required when using the dark transfer paper.

An Iron or Heat Press

To ensure that sufficient heat is being applied, you are recommended to use an iron of 1600w or above in power, or a heat press. If sufficient heat isn’t applied, the image will not fix the fabric well enough and will come off after a few washes. Before using the iron, allow it to warm to full temperature, a process which takes around 3-5 minutes. Iron for about 3 minutes in circular motion and ensure to iron evenly over the design.

If you are using a heat press, follow the same instructions as with iron but apply the press for 12 seconds only at 375 Degrees Fahrenheit and high pressure.

If you decide to order your iron on t-shirt paper at Photo Paper Direct USA, full and detailed instructions will accompany the paper.

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