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Big Size Transfer Paper

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big transfer paper

Big size transfer paper refers to the larger 11x17” sheets. Unlike the standard letter size 8.5x11” sheets, this bigger option will allow more images, text or a combination of the two to be transferred onto larger areas. The transfer picture you see in this blog was indeed created using the 11x17” size sheet.

At Photo Paper Direct you will find 11x17” transfer paper for light or dark fabrics. The light option is suitable to transfer onto white color fabrics such as t-shirts, shirts, tote bags, baby aprons, while the dark option is suitable to transfer onto any color fabric, from dark to bold colors. If you are unsure which type suits your project, the dark transfer is always the safer option.

Both of these big transfer paper options share the same features in terms of being stretchable, machine washable, durable and suitable for use with an Iron or HeatPress machine. Though, due to the larger transfer surface area, HeatPress is recommended for this size. In case you are using an Iron, extra attention must be given to ironing the entire transfer area to ensure systematic coverage.

Big transfer paper is especially poplar for use on shirts and t-shirts as it covers a large proportion of the garment.