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Print Your Own Calendar Using Double Sided Photo Paper

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Calendar Photo Paper

This video we are going to talk about calendars because we are approaching the silly season, Christmas and New Year and we know a lot of you are using our paper to make calendars so we thought we would make a video just to show you in rough terms how it works and what are the possibilities that we have.

So you can use quite a variety of papers on our site the 210gram double sided makes a great product for that. If you make a single sided calendar I will show you that in a minute we can use the 260gram gloss or the 280 they have got a satin double sided pearl to 90gram amazing for calendars because you can print a photograph on both ends and get really nice images that will be long lasting and the double sided gloss so whatever your preference is using your ink jet printer at home you can create various finishes and various effects and it works really simply I will show you how.

What I have done here is I’m just using word for windows and its actually ready to print so I will send a sheet to print but all I’m using is word for windows and we have arranged various pictures in various positions to create calendars, you can have them in various formats and I will show you in a minute, all I am showing here is that I am using a really basic software, nothing special and something that you probably already have on your computer at home.

So once we have printed all our sheets and we are only going to use 3 or 4 to save time, once you have all your sheets remember we have got two formats, this is one of them, you collate them, you create them into some sort of order obviously by month and you will end up with a calendar that flips over like this.

We are going to bind them in a minute so I will show you how they all connect together, so this is one format where you have the picture and the calendar dates underneath and you can write on this with pencil or pen or felt tip whatever you have its no problem at all.

The other format we are going to show you is this is landscape this is going to be a landscape calendar and the landscape calendar flips over like this so you’re going to have a picture and you can arrange them any way you want and the calendar underneath and again you can write on this side if you want you can carry on flipping, obviously we have the months wrong but this is just for illustration of the possibilities of making calendar with your inkjet printer and various products that are all printable on inkjet.

Ok so we realise that most of you won’t have a binding machine like this at home but first of all this was £30 at Viking or any other high street stationary supplier so you may want to get one if you make lots of these, these are about £5 for 100 so quite a low outlay but if you don’t have a machine like thatany high street printer will be able to bind it for you for not a lot of money and these are really simple, it is one machine that does all.

You punch your papers and at the top here we have a little protraction and there is one calendar readymade so this will hang somewhere visible – you will hand it from there it will hand like this and you for a whole month you will be able to see the pictures and use the calendar.

The other format works slightly differently, remember these are the portrait images I think I can punch them all – in fact I won’t I will play it safe – this is a really low cost machine so you can only do a few at the time, if you have one in the office you might be able to use it the same principle – take your cones we don’t sell the binding machine by the way so don’t look for it on the site but they are available in most high street printers and similar establishments.

This cone is too big but there is a solution for that as well just cut it, so here it is hanging calendar so it will flip over the whole way and it will hang like this, and the portrait calendar and hang like that punch a hole at the top and put a string in the top and it is done.

You will find all the papers which are suitable for use with calendars such at the 290gram satin double sided, such at the 260 glossy and the 210 matte double sided and the 180 double gloss and others on the website under the calendar photo paper category just go to photo paper it is quite easy to find and you can use any of these to make your own personal calendars at home on your inkjet printer choosing your own images and your own ideas and your own creativity. Happy New Year.