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Print Your Own Greeting Cards at Home Using This Step-By-Step Guide

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Inkjet Greeting Cards

We have on the Photo Paper Direct site a range of blank greeting cards in various different finishes and options all for printing with inkjet printers at home using your own designs and your own ideas so I’m going to start.

Video Guide Transcript:

Normally I start by showing the papers but on this occasion I just want to show you the actual software and how we create the greeting cards, so as you can see I am using a mac but it’s word for what used to be word for windows program, nothing very fancy no specific or particular graphics program, normal word software that you use to write your letters and do your presentations on.

The reason I want you to have a look at it, you could pause this video and just understand how the images are positioned and laid out on the sheets of paper to get the correct orientation on the blank greeting cards when you finish printing it, so this is going to be the main cover of the card, the text inside and this is the back of it. If you put any text on the other side of the sheet then it will be on the other side of the page.

This is an example of a Christmas card layout and again exactly the same exact design situation so this is going to be the front of the card , this is an optional image on the back, the main message and subtext with some more personalized or specific information and again this is a word for windows bog standard nothing special all of that has changed the orientation of the sheet from portrait which is a long ways up to landscape and I’ve reduced the zoom in to set to 70% because of the size of the screen so you can see the side by side, you can change these if you have this sort of template you can change the images and change the pictures and make sure that you always get the print on the right side of the paper.

Okay now to the printing of the greeting cards and there’s a set we have got two different types they’re available in 8.5x11" and 5.5x8.5", we have got 210grams matte on both sides, 255grams gloss on one side and matte on the other.

Pay attention we sell them with or without envelopes so when you come to order them, you can choose without envelopes and if you need envelopes we have luxurious 100gram envelopes specific for the size and you can select them with or without.

We are going to print on this occasion with the 255gram and all our papers always come in cellophane sleeves no minimal packaging, the back of these packs incidentally has got a full set of instructions for the particular paper that is inside, so if you follow this it will give you the best image quality for the product that you are printing.

It doesn’t matter if you print the back first or the front first as this is one side is gloss and the other is matte, we are going to print the gloss first so put it face down in a front loading printer like this and press print and off we go.

So here is the final product fully personalized Christmas card in this instant, you can put any photograph of your family, of your child, of something that you like. It is totally unlimited and all to do with you, you can put another photo on the back so it can become a display. On the inside a totally personalized greeting from the smith family or whatever you want to put here, you can add additional graphics and a personalized message.

They come pre-scored so when you fold them they are neat and there is no cracking, you can fold them either way incidentally and then you can stand them in what we call an a frame like this or they can be presented if your image is a portrait they can stand like this on the side on the mantel piece, but you are not limited to Christmas cards, Christmas is quite opportune at the moment we’re in that season, but these cards people use them for a variety of other uses, for example you can make a birthday card or a birthday party invitation put a map of where the party is and a picture of the party girl and boy and personalize it again, a personalized message on the invitation at the back if you want to put other graphics you can, again these are pre-scored and they fold really neatly they can become a little memento over the party stand on the mantel piece for a little bit longer after the party is finished.

A lot of people use this as an order of service for someone who has passed away so you can have a nice photograph in photographic quality on one side and the order of service on the back it then becomes a memento of the event, slightly sadder occasion but there is a use for that.

The finish that you can have them on gloss on one side and matte on the other, and this one here which we also have which is a matte finish card on both side again it all depends on your preference and what you want to achieve.

These as I said they come in 5.5x8.5" and we have them in 8.5x11" as well, and they come with or without envelopes so makes sure when you order, you order them if you need them or by the pack without, all for printing on your own printer in your home on ordinary software nothing special and Merry Christmas.