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Printable Magnetic Sheets Printing Instructions

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Inkjet Printable Magnetic Paper

The PPD Inkjet magnetic paper is an innovative product and truly fantastic for promotional Items, home deco, craft purposes and especially for invite and greeting cards . The back of each sheet is magnetic so you can easily affix the printed sheet to fridges, metal doors, boards etc. Available in either Gloss or Matt, these sheets can be printed using an ordinary inkjet printer with ordinary inks.

Step 1- Set your printer correctly based on the finish

Step 1

Glossy Magnetic Paper:

Epson® Printers:

Media type: Photo quality Glossy Film. Under custom and advanced setting please make sure the resolution is 1440 dpi or higher.

HP® Printers:

Media type: Other photo papers or simply photo paper. Quality: Best.

Canon® Printers:

Media type: High Glossy photo film. Print quality high under custom, set to maximum fine.

Kodak®, Samsung®, Sharp® etc. Also supported

Select similar settings as listed above

Matt Magnetic Paper:

Epson® Printers:

Media Type - Epson Matte or Photo Quality Inkjet Paper Print Quality - Photo or Best Photo. Colour Control - Epson Vivid.

Canon® Printers:

Media Type - High Resolution Paper Print Quality - High. Colour Control - Auto.

HP® Printers:

Media Type - HP Premium Paper. Print Quality - Normal or Best. Colour Control - ColourSmart/sRGB or defaults.

Kodak®, Samsung®, Sharp® etc. Also supported

Select similar settings as listed above

Step 2 – Trim any unprinted areas

Step 2

The magnetic sheet can be cut to size using cutting board or a pair of scissors.

Step 3 – Affix to metal surface

Step 3

Great for making fridge magnets, signage, posters, advertising brochures, craft making, greeting cards, puzzle making, notice board making and logo prints.

Related notes

Store any unprinted magnetic papers flat in original packaging to avoid exposure to humidity and dirt. Keep away from direct sunlight and at room temperature.
Printing set up instructions are provided as a guideline.

Final results depend on the type of ink used and whether original or compatible. Some adjustment might be required to the printer driver in order to get the optimal results. In the very unlikely event that magnetic paper does not feed in the printer, a gentle push as the printer attempts to pick up the paper might assist in feeding. Worn and contaminated feeding rollers on older printers may also effect feeding. Rollers can be cleaned with acetone or alcohol to improve the feeding of paper.